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Whatever the occasion ... a precious new arrival .... a special celebration ...a giggly teen party shoot .... Family get together (pets too!) .... Yep, whatever you have in mind, there'll be laughter galore and loads of stunning pictures to choose from! With a warm welcome guaranteed :) You'll feel quite at home.

And with no sitting fee, no obligation, extremely reasonable prices, and none of those nasty pressurised viewings ... It all adds up to a very happy and relaxed experience!

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@RomFotografix Apr 21, 09:32

GeekWire Awards: From marketing to machine learning, vote for your favorite App of the Year via @GeekWire

@RomFotografix Apr 19, 17:14

Little Ones Behind the Viewfinder: Getting Your Kids into Photography via Light Stalking #photography

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Excited to be launching these soon! #newventure

@RomFotografix Apr 18, 20:59

Some very talented folk helped make this day so special @MayflowerBridal @AlisonRowley via @RomFotografix

@RomFotografix Apr 18, 19:14

Aha! Good idea :) Nubrella is a Hands-Free #Umbrella That Can Keep Your Camera Dry

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Beautiful Couple + Breathtaking Views = Amazing Wedding! via @RomFotografix #wedding #HolidayInnSouthampton

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70 Quotes to Make You Feel Better - #wisewords #quotes Happy Easter! πŸ₯

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Best photo editing software in 2017 #editingsoftware

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Love #colouring? Check this out! Big Hair Art: Adult Colour Therapy by Lynne Reeves via @AmazonUK @lynneartystuff

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Imaginative 😊 Photographer Transforms Real Pictures Into Quirky Scenes with Paper Cutouts #petapixel

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The 9 Secrets to Sharp Landscape Photographs via Light Stalking #PhotographyTips

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Great to meet you @SillyJokes @ukphotoshow yesterday! Fantastic range, will be ordering soon…

@RomFotografix Mar 19, 20:50

Great to see you too! Have a good show and thanks again for such amazing software 😊#CouldntDoWithoutIt

@RomFotografix Mar 19, 17:03

Thanks for the informative presentation @kevin_mullins @ukphotoshow πŸ‘

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Looking forward to our day at #thephotographyshow @ukphotoshow πŸ“Έ

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Great site for #artists - Artpromotivate: Spotlighted Artists of Artpromotivate #talented

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Fantastic evening @Lynntft @TheirFutureToday charity ball. Stunning dancing by DanceAsia @jaykumardance…

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Superb Yet Practical Tips for Photographing Street Markets via Light Stalking

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Handy indeed! 20 sunset gradients + 4 bonus card Thanks to Olha Kozachenko on @CreativeMarket

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The Ultimate Photography Guide to Depth of Field (DoF) via @photopills #photographytips

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Lessons to Teach Your Child About Digital Photography #photographytips

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To theme your Instagram, remember: tell a story in nine! via @msericaligenza

Happy to say there's no sitting fee, nor obligation! Full price list can be found on
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