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Whatever the occasion ... a precious new arrival .... a special celebration ...a giggly teen party shoot .... Family get together (pets too!) .... Yep, whatever you have in mind, there'll be laughter galore and loads of stunning pictures to choose from! With a warm welcome guaranteed :) You'll feel quite at home.

And with no sitting fee, no obligation, extremely reasonable prices, and none of those nasty pressurised viewings ... It all adds up to a very happy and relaxed experience!

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@RomFotografix Oct 22, 09:31

For all those lovely newborn sessions! My new Luxury Cuddle Soft Stars Gaga© Baby Bean bags from rucomfy Beanbags

@RomFotografix Oct 21, 22:03

Thanks @LightStalking 👌

@RomFotografix Oct 20, 15:50

I bet you know someone who'd love one of these! 👍 via @RomFotografix #GreatIdea from @BaseAce3D

@BaseAce3D Oct 20, 15:49

RT and Follow @BaseAce3D to #win two Saturday tickets for @legoshow! Winner announced on Oct 14th #BRICKLIVE #Lego

@RomFotografix Oct 17, 00:23

😀Really?!! The Current High-Five Selfie Trend Requires You To Throw Your Phone | Popular Photography via @PopPhoto

@RomFotografix Oct 14, 21:20

Bargain! 5DayDeal - Save. Give. Learn. Create. via @5DayDeal #PhotographyResources

@RomFotografix Oct 13, 15:31

Handy resources! 20 Free Stock Photo Sites for Your Social Media Images - #FreeStockPhotos

@RomFotografix Oct 13, 10:45

Cool. Larger than Life Scene Captured Using a Model Car and Flour as 'Snow' - #creative

@RomFotografix Oct 13, 07:15

Fascinating. Trove of Glass Negatives Found in Attic of Condemned Illinois House - #oldpics

@RomFotografix Oct 12, 23:18

Gratisography | Free High Resolution Pictures via @bellsdesign Brilliant 😊

@RomFotografix Oct 02, 21:40

Such a stunning #WeddingVenue #ElmersCourt #Lymington Photographer's dream! 😊

@RomFotografix Sep 30, 07:15

Love these! 21 Works of Photo Artistry That Will Blow Your Mind -

@RomFotografix Sep 29, 10:51

Very interesting & picturesque place to visit @nationaltrust @HughendenNT #NationalTrust #hughenden

@RomFotografix Sep 29, 10:45

The Art of Looking Down: How to Choose Your Shooting Position Intentionally #photographytips

@RomFotografix Sep 29, 07:48

The Callpedia Font Duo by TheHungryJPEG | via @TheHungryJPEG #Free this week

@RomFotografix Sep 29, 07:15

Amazing! 100-Year-Old Theatre Converted Into Stunning Bookstore -

@RomFotografix Sep 28, 22:23

Amazing 😳 15+ Of The World’s Most Amazing Restaurants Bored Panda via @boredpanda

@RomFotografix Sep 26, 21:31

Brilliant pic! Found at:

@RomFotografix Sep 21, 22:31

One man and his dog 😉 at the beautiful #HintonAmpner #NationalTrust @nationaltrust @HintonAmpnerNT

@RomFotografix Sep 21, 15:30

Top 100 #PhotographyBlogs Every Photographer Must Read - Feedspot Blog -

@RomFotografix Sep 21, 10:45

The Key to Minimalist Photography - #photographytips

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Whoa!!! Sandisk Now Makes A 1TB SD Memory Card via @PopPhoto

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This Camera Strap Snaps to Backpack Straps to Relieve Neck Strain - #snapsnap

@RomFotografix Sep 20, 14:49

@Basepoint_Rom you're welcome 😊

@Basepoint_Rom Sep 20, 14:48

End of Summer BBQ @Basepoint_Rom last Friday. Thanks @savageandbean for great food and images by @RomFotografix

@RomFotografix Sep 20, 13:02

A Photographer’s Job - So true @MissyMWAC Well said.

@RomFotografix Sep 20, 10:45

How to Add 'Dynamic Contrast' to Your Images Using Only Photoshop - #editingtips

Happy to say there's no sitting fee, nor obligation! Full price list can be found on
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